“Best new microbrand dive release of 2020.”

TimeToGo Travel and TimepiecesSeptember 22, 2020


“The Ula Diver has features that are typically only found in watches that are multiples of its price.”

Watch & Life – Ben Lee, October 29, 2020


“The fit and finish quality on the watch is tremendous.”

Madrock Watches and Adventure, November 13, 2020


“An all around well designed and executed dive watch.”

Adventures with Time, November 28, 2020


“An amazing first offering.”

Half Past Blog, November 25, 2020


“A great first watch from the ZENEA Watch company… I like everything about it.”

Beer and Watches, November 23, 2020


“The watch has really nice specifications all the way around.”

Aron Dunlap OFD Watch Channel, November 12, 2020


“You are getting an insane value.”

 Everyday Watch Guy, November 6, 2020