11 Jun 2021

When I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a writer.  Growing up in the Philippines, my parents however already knew what they expected me to be when I grew up. My Dad’s parents moved to the US when I was a little girl and I can remember my Dad’s voice growing up that I must become a Nurse so I could immigrate to the US and bring my entire family there.  Everyone in my family; cousins, aunts and uncles. everyone I can think of that was close with my parents always talked about this topic.   Recently I was watching JOkOY, a popular Filipino comedian on his Netflix special making fun of Filipino families and how the stereotype that Filipinos are either nurses or caregivers in North America, it made me laugh.

I am proud to say that I did become a Registered Nurse as an adult, holding my RN certification not only in the Philippines but also in the United States and in Canada.   I am proud to be an RN, but this was my dad’s dream not mine.  

I now run and am involved in several businesses and start up companies and love every minute of it.  When I got involved with ZENEA watches and started working with them to build out the ZENEA brand and their distribution network, I started to genuinely appreciate every moment.  Moments with my friends, my parents, my family, and every individual I met when I was travelling. During the pandemic, there has been much less opportunity to connect face to face with people I care about in my life, my Facebook feed with memories popping up is a daily reminder of my time which has been well spent and I value so much.

When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in July 2019, time seemed to come to a stand still for me.  I felt helpless and not being able to go back to the Philippines immediately because of family and business commitments was tough on me.   My Dad passed passed away in October… just a single day away from my scheduled flight arrival of my flight home to Manila, made me really appreciate the importance of time

As Father’s Day approaches and I reflect on my Dad, he gave me so much of his himself during his time with us.  He worked at night but always ensured that we saw him each morning before we went to school.  He was always awake and waiting for us to get home from school before he left for his evening work shift.    He was my biggest fan, the one true person who believed in me in every way and I still miss him everyday.

I truly appreciate those moments and now being a parent myself, I really value each moment I spend with my kids, my family and friends and the values my Dad passed on to me.

It always seems like there will be time available to spend with those that we love, I say genuinely and from my heart that time is a precious resource that we only have once.  I make the choice to appreciate every moment that I spend with those who are important in my life.

I’m blessed to have had 45 years of my life with my Dad who supported , loved and believed in me and shared his love with me every day.  If you still have your Dad this Father’s Day please show him how much you care.


Juvie Pabilonia

Director of Business Development and Distribution at ZENEA