Jan 19 , 2023

The History of the GMT watch

GMT watches, also known as dual time zone watches, have a long and rich history dating back to the early 20th century. The concept of a GMT watch w...

Jan 15 , 2023

A Brief History of Swiss Timepieces in North America

Swiss watches have been a staple in the North American market for well over a century. Their precision, craftsmanship, and timeless st...

Feb 12 , 2022

ZENEA Time & Space Meteorite Ula Diver GQ Article

ZENEA Ula Diver included in Unique Watches for Men list in GQ magazine article!

Feb 04 , 2022

ZENEA Time Traveler September Update

ZENEA Time Traveler September Update At ZENEA, “Appreciate Every Moment” is one of our core philosophies. This is how we approach our businessas we...

Aug 23 , 2021

John Cowie – A ZENEA Experience

  "When I first started working with Jason, it was the meteorite watch that just stood out above the others, and was clearly the watch that reson...

Apr 06 , 2021

Why Wearing a Watch Still Matters

If you are someone who pays attention to watches, it will come as no surprise that Rolex is the most well-known Swiss watch brand in the market. Ro...