06 Apr 2021

If you are someone who pays attention to watches, it will come as no surprise that Rolex is the most well-known Swiss watch brand in the market. Rolex has continued to cement its reputation as a provider of fine quality luxury watches globally and the Rolex name is well known if you are a watch enthusiast and is the most recognized global watch brand even by non-watch enthusiasts


Rolex however well known; is just one example of many Swiss timepiece brands in the market. Rolex along with many other exceptional brands are producing some of the very best watches in the world both from a mechanical timekeeping perspective and creating beautiful and well finished timepieces. Business Insider has even mentioned that Swiss-made timepieces come with a mark of distinction within the market-place. Thanks to the rich history of the Swiss watch making industry creating beautiful and reliable timepieces, specifically with automatic or complicated watch movements the coveted Swiss Made label continues to hold great value by many watch owners.


It is not just a fashion statement. It is a way of life. Rooted deeply in history.

Horology (the study and measurement of time) has a rather interesting past, and the Swiss are respected for the major role that they had to play in it. They have overcome major challenges in the watch industry in the 1960’s and 1970’s when cheap quartz movement watches started to flood the market and threatened to destroy the Swiss watch industry.  In more recent decades of increasingly stressful schedules and more and more demands being placed in individuals both in career and home lives, the keeping of time using a wristwatch has started to undergo a fundamental shift.  Watches now represent something more meaningful and substantial than just a tool that tells time.

There are many ways to tell time in today’s world, checking your phone, seeing the time on your computer or a multitude of other digital platforms that provide this information to you.   Wearing a watch is more reliable and the simplicity of reading the time at any moment provides many with a welcome break from the onslaught of information that we are constantly exposed to during our days. Feeling the weight of the watch on one’s wrist, provides and reminder and enhanced appreciation for time and what we choose to do with it. That appreciation ensures you remember there are only 24 hours in a day and that you make the conscious act to appreciate every moment.  Using a watch also provides a way for you to separate yourself from most people who are scrambling for their cell phones to check the time and stressing about if their phone has enough power to make it through their day.


By choosing a special timepiece that reflects your own personality and style aligns itself against disposable culture that is so prevalent today, wearing a traditional watch can become a powerful personal statement.  By choosing a timepiece that it is a well-crafted that you can aesthetically appreciate, and even pass on to an heir when you feel that it's time to do so creates a sense of connection to time at the deepest human level.  A high-quality timepiece creates a connection to your life that a mobile phone cannot match. Choosing to wear a well-made automatic watch allows you to embrace a style that speaks to your personally and becomes a reflection of who you are choosing to be in your world.


Appreciate Every Moment: Because You Won't Be Disappointed When You Do

Life's moments are precious, which is why watchmakers like ZENEA Watches stand out within a crowded space. They provide watch enthusiasts with high quality Swiss Made timepieces paired with contemporary style that creates an exceptional watch wearing experience.   When you appreciate time, your experiences will seem more robust, and you will start to consciously look for the beauty in every day occurrences and special moments will be even more amazing when they occur.   Choosing to wear a great timepiece like a ZENEA watch supports this appreciation and acts as a regular reminder of this because time truly does matter.


About ZENEA Watches

Founded in Toronto Canada by Jason Hutton in 2019, ZENEA watches started their design and build process of their first watch line, the ZENEA Ula Diver at the start of 2020. ZENEA officially launched their timepieces into the market in December of 2020. ZENEA Watches was created with the goal of providing Canadian designed Swiss Made timepieces that pair contemporary style with classically inspired design elements to produce a well designed and exceptional timepiece.

ZENEA Watches sells their luxury timepieces direct to consumer and through thoughtfully selected global partners who represent the ZENEA Brand in various geographies around the world.